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Christians Persecuted in Egypt?

October 11, 2011

In a CNN Interview given by Dr. Michael Youseff early in 2011, Dr. Youseff expressed concern over the overthrowing of president Mubarak in Egypt.  I remember watching this interview when it aired and thinking that it was interesting that a well known christian leader would actually say that overthrowing the so called “dictator” was not such a good idea.  The correspondent who interviewed Dr. Youseff stated, “That this revolt was led by the youth.  This is a youth led protest and uprising.” Youseff, an egyptian native, responded by saying, “Right but that is depending on who is using the youth.”  When asked why he would say that he repsonded by saying, “I will not deny that there is frustration in Egypt.  I return to Egypt every year and I preach all over the country from the south to the north from Alexandria to Cairo.  I am there all the time and I have many friends.  Many friends in the government as well as in the churches and with church leaders.  There is no doubt about it that the frustration is there with the lack of jobs, inflation, and everything else .  So there are genuine people who are doing this.”

Dr. Youseff continued the interview by adding, “But there are some who are standing behind the scenes with no doubt in my mind. (Speaking about the Muslim Brotherhood).  And there are groups with in the Muslim Brotherhood, probably not all of the Muslim Brotherhood, but certainly there are groups within them that are mad at Mubarak.  They are mad at Mubarak for several things and one is that he shut them out of the elections.  He(Mubarak) said that you cannot have a political party that is religious and because of this the Muslim Brotherhood literally had no seats in parliament.  Secondly, he allowed a quarter for women to be elected.  Seats only for women and they (MB) did not like it.”

The interviewer mentioned that what Dr. Youseff was claiming was similar to the events that took place in Iran in 1979. The Iran revolution of 1979 refers to events involving the overthrow of Iran’s monarchy under Pahlavi and its replacement with an Islamic republic under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the revolution.  It all started when, “Genuine, freedom loving, young people went to the streets and the demonstrations were day in and day out.  This occurred until Khomeini came in and killed (killed, not fired or terminated from a position) all of the secular leaders that he put up front in the government until he was to take over.”  You may watch the full interview HERE
One of Dr Youseff’s main concerns  in this interview was that he was aware of a different story than that which was spread in the mainstream news stations.  Apparently it did not make much of a story then but it may have become more of a reality starting this week……

Today as I was browsing the news like I always do I was taken back by a one story in particular.  The title of this article is,

Christians under siege in post-revolution Egypt”, 10/10/2011  Click here for the link

In the article is states, “Now many fear that the power vacuum left after the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak is giving Muslim extremists free rein to torch churches and attack Coptic homes in the worst violence against the community in decades.”  It went on to say, “But shortly after Mubarak’s ouster, a series of assaults on Christians brought home a stark reality: The fading of authoritarian rule empowered Islamist fundamentalists, known here as Salafis, who have special resentment for Christians.”

I encourage you to read this story and not turn a blind eye. To end this post I am copying in a letter that I received today from Dr. Youseff’s organization, Leading the Way.  Leading the Way is the largest Christian outreach in the world and for some is the only way for those living in the East to hear God’s Word.  I will be praying for those in Egypt in the next three days and it would be a blessing to have you join me.  God Bless.

Letter from Michael Youseff, Ph.D –

” This past Spring, I was invited to appear on several major news networks to share insight into the revolt in Egypt.  At the time, I was laughed at on CNN when I said that overthrowing Mubarak in Egypt was a bad idea.  I shared that the country was not prepared for the leadership vacuum that would be created—a vacuum that would quickly be filled by radical Islamists who are hostile to Christians and Israel—what we are seeing played out in Egypt today.

This week, Egyptian Christians joined together to peacefully protest increasing persecution in their country.  The Egyptian military met them with violence and several Christians were killed.  These are grievous events.

Today, I received a message from a Christian brother in Egypt who has been closely connected with Leading The Way through the years.  The Coptic Orthodox church has asked for three days of prayer and fasting during this difficult time in Egypt.  Interestingly enough, the Protestant and Evangelical churches are joining in this time of fasting and prayer with them—uniting the church together during this critical time.

One thing he shared that was incredibly sad to him was the way the government is spreading lies about the Christian community.  Although eye witnesses say they saw the military vehicles run over women and children, the government is pointing its fingers at Christians for the violence.

Please pray for lies to be bound and the truth to prevail in Egypt.  Will you also join in prayer for Egypt and those countries suffering similarly throughout the region for their protection from radical factions? “

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  1. Mallory permalink

    Thanks Jay! I will definitely share this with the LifeGroup as well as join with you in prayer over the next 3 days.

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